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July 28, 2020
David Freiburger
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5 Things I'd Tell My 19-Year-Old Self About Running a Business by Thomas Frank


Show up every day. When going back to the James Clear quote, it’s remarkable how simple, yet true that statement is. It’s easy to forget the things where you’ve had the most personal growth and how much time you put into said thing.

  • “Your best friends are deadlines and accountability.”
  • Start acting like a professional. Starting a business means you're in the major leagues. References by Thomas from James Clear's book: Atomic Habits, "Amateurs wait until they feel inspired to do creative work. Professionals do it on a strict schedule."
  • “Reach out and build relationships.”
  • If you're reaching out to someone to pitch them, make sure you're fully ready and can offer them something in return that matches the value of your ask.
  • “Know the taxes you have to pay as an entrepreneur.” → Thomas’s custom budget/tax spreadsheet template to help you.
  • “Get yourself a lawyer and an accountant.”
  • "Become an unprompted learner." You must have a figure-it-out mentality when you're hit with problems.

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